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AGM deep cycle battery Australia is the use of an AGM battery is the best choice for an installation in the Caravan, camping and off-road industry. It is, of course, personal preference of what type of battery an individual decides to fit to their caravan, motor home or camper trailer, however it is in the opinion of Home of volt that the technology offered by an AGM battery is the best suited in the circumstances encountered in our industry.

Australia Deep cycle Batteries AGM stand for absorbed glass matt A basic explanation of an AGM cell is this: The cell is divided into 6 separate 2 volt cells, linked together to produce a 12 volt battery. Each 2 volt cell is divided using heavy duty ABS plastic. Within each 2 volt cell there are lead plates which are again separated using glass matt sponges; this glass matt sponges absorb the sulphuric acid essentially this means that the battery is a bonded design strengthening the battery for use on corrugated roads or rough terrain.

All batteries release gasses when under charge, however, this means that instead of releasing gasses into the air when charging, the battery will instead open valves between each cell and transfer gasses to the next cell. This essentially means that under normal charging conditions with an approved and suitable charger the battery will not release dangerous gases into the air.
The AGM battery is leak proof, maintenance free, heat resistant, and resistant and can be used on any side An AGM cell will charge extremely fast and is designed to be constantly and continually discharged and recharged.


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